The Etiquette Advantage

The Etiquette Advantage is a solid-how to guide to gracious customs and polite etiquette that smooth introductions and relations, promote goodwill, make one appear on the ball, and are appropriate for both business and social circles. From dress code tips to communication skills, travel savvy, body language, and much more, The Etiquette Advantage is a superb primer in basic courtliness, image improvement and heightened self-confidence. Highly recommended, especially for anyone pursuing careers in fields that rely heavily on charisma, from sales to politics.

From Mrs. John L. Strong at Barney’s, New York

Dear Jane,

I have been so busy with Mrs. Strong and calligraphy (I am a calligrapher) that I wanted to tell you how helpful and delighted I was to receive your new book.

Yes, I learned something but you have made defining issues easier.

Please accept these botanical (Victorian) seals from Mrs. Strong as a thank you for your kind gesture.

Bryna Stein/Mrs.John L. Strong Stationery March 17

9th floor

Mrs. John L. Stong Stationery at Barney’s NY
Madison Ave at 61st Street
NY, NY 100221

Stellar Publishing is pleased to release a revised second edition of The Etiquette Advantage: Socially Smart Skills for Personal Success. The success of the first edition is in large part due to the support of over 30 chapters of the Association of Junior Leagues International. A list of Junior Leagues and a sample of their testimonials are included. 

Over thirty chapters of the Association of Junior Leagues International endorse this book and sell this book to members and at fundraising events to support community projects. American readers favor this book initially as a good read that gets to the essence of what one really needs to know about American etiquette, and later as a first-choice resource that overlooks nothing of importance and spares the reader of hard to read fine print. International readers seeking to understand American social customs appreciate the thoughtful explanations and thorough descriptions given by the author, a teacher of English as a Second Language. Easy to read, information loaded.


The books are darling. Please send 150 copies of each to our

headquarters. Thank you so much. 

Elyse Lee Hull 

Junior League of Oklahoma City

Wow!!  The books are great. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with you.  I look forward to selling them to our league and community. I am going to go with 2 cases of the Etiquette Advantage and one case of the Dance Steps of Life. We have received many "kudos" on the books- Great job!

Heather Overmyer

JL of Ft. Lauderdale

After our first board meeting, the Junior League of Lufkin would like to have copies of your books to sell at our 50th Anniversary Celebration and at our upcoming fall meetings.  They will make great Christmas Gifts. I think maybe 50 of each will be sufficient to begin with and then we might order more. So including the two originals that were forwarded, that would make a total of 102 books. 

Lisa Griffin, JLL President

Junior League of Lufkin, Texas  

The books were a success at the meeting!

Valarie Roberts

Junior League of Owensboro, Kentucky

Why don't we do 3 cases of each. They are lovely books and hopefully we will sell right out of them and know to order more for the event next year!!

Thanks again - 

Meleah Follen

Junior League of Minneapolis

Thanks Jane! We put them at a table just for books and they sold like hot cakes. They're an easy sell.

Erin K. Shonsey

Junior League of Omaha, NE

The Winning Difference

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If you want to achieve peak performance, find out what actions world-class achievers took and take the same actions. The Difference removes guesswork explaining exactly what they did and how they did it so you can win the game, the gig, or the job.

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It is the only book to disclose A-Lister's actions to definitively tell not just what winners did to win but to fully explain how winners won so you will know exactly how to take the same actions to achieve your own brand of super success. 

Navigating the Lipstick Jungle

Wisdom that also works for men.
-Steve Bentson | Retired COO, Universal Trailer Corporation and President DeVilbiss (Pentair)

Women's dynamite. 

A brilliant book blasting the lid off the glass ceiling.
-Wanda M. Copley  New Hanover County Attorney, Wilmington, North Carolina

A million dollar make-over costing pennies.
-Dorothy Clark, M.D. | Member American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Bluegrass Plastic Surgery, Lexington, Kentucky


Midwest Book Review

Navigating the Lipstick Jungle

Jane Hight McMurry

9780970304186 Stellar Publishing $15.95 

Confidence is sexy and makes people pay attention. "Navigating the Lipstick Jungle: Go from Plain Jane to Getting What You Want, Need, & Deserve" discusses how to push oneself forward with a powerful personality that makes connections and gets the jobs and promotions we all often seek. Encouraging brevity and intellect, "Navigating the Lipstick Jungle" is a to the point inspirational read, highly recommended. Reviewed on 02/11/2011

Bodleian Library/Oxford University 


University of Oxford

Broad Street, Oxford OXI BG, UK

Dear Ms. McMurry,

We are pleased to have the following works:

The Dance Steps of Life and The Etiquette Advantage.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Bell
Head of Reader Services and Collection Development

Dear Jane,

Your presentation was fabulous! We have continued to sell copies of your books. I really enjoyed your TV and radio interviews, and received a lot of good advice in my personal life from the talk. Please keep in touch with me about any new books.


Brooke Banson
Community Relations ManagerBarnes & Noble 

I am a Lipstick LOVER, and the Zebra print on the book’s cover through me over the edge! (Also huge Zebra fan!) This book just calls to the surface icebergs of polish that I don't always remember to put forth the effort for. Excellent refresher and called me on the table about my own shortcomings that I have relaxed upon.....applying lipstick in public after dinner is a major one for me! Business etiquette, being assertive, showing interest in others and how to get and go where you want to professionally. An easy read and I should re-read and underline. I just practiced some of the suggestions in the restaurant we had breakfast in. Still reading and enjoying. So much good stuff. Need to underline and share with my children. 

Thanks Jane.

Betty Lanier—PPD Global Research

The books are easy to read and have a lot of practical tips.  Many of our members bought them as gifts for their children because they help teach social skills that will be valuable for the rest of their lives.  

Karla Hagan

JL of Champaign-Urbanna, Illinois

Your books are adorable! 

Laura Young

JL  of Ft. Lauderdale

1)  All print ads should contain Jane's name and book titles - the book signing is a big hit.  Jane's books are well known and many people came to the cookbook booth looking for the books. 

2)  What a complementary product to sell with our League cookbooks.  Our target audience is women with children - cooking for their families, building family traditions - Jane's books build on the family foundation.  Not only do the books make great gifts, they add an additional $5 per book to your sales.  It's the perfect priced add-on item.

  1. The easiest part of selling these books is working with Jane.  She is helpful in all aspects of selling the books - providing point of sale materials, agreeing to book signings when possible, accepting unsold books back into her stock.

Sissy Priddy JL Wilmington/Fund Raising

Dear Jane,

We loved having your books during our spree event.  And we did sell a lot, although not all of them.  We decided to keep the remaining ones for future events, because we knew that they would sell well.

1. We did not have time to wrap them or do anything special to market them. With volunteers, sometimes we are lucky to get the necessities done.  I think the books sell great on their own and are a great addition to the other types of books we carry.

2. They are a great way to target sales for young people.  The other books that we sell are all cookbooks, which only targets women who love to cook. The books are great presents so it helps us reach shoppers.

3. I think that you have good cover designs, which is important in drawing attention. And the subject matter is important in our society, and lacking elsewhere.

Thank you for your support of the Junior League of Raleigh, and we look forward to getting more books this year.


Ashley May

JL of Raleigh, NC        910.269.7444                                         Education that's exciting, fascinating and fun!                                                             © Jane Hight McMurry 2018